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Blue Water Systems Ltd. has been in business as a marine construction company for over 20 years providing our global clientele with quality marine based products. Here's a little bit about how our company came to be.
The marine construction company of Blue Water Systems was founded by Lane Rud in 1988. After several years of commercial fishing and even more of sailing and racing, Lane chose to put his knowledge of the tides and winds to work in Marine Construction. He started out with a large marina contract for The Union Steamship Company that would take him over a year to complete. Quickly his reputation as a quality builder of marine applications spread and he found himself working with his future partner Mehdi Amini on a variety of marine projects ranging from Water Tanks to Fish Cages over the next several years. In 1998 Blue Water Systems acquired its first Tow Boat, and installation of marine facilities became an in house capability. As Lane became more reliant upon Mehdi's expertise in marine fabrication it became clear that they should become official partners and Mehdi bought into the company in 2001.
With Mehdi in the office Lane finds it possible to do more and more on the marine installation side of the business. The company now has a mobile Pile Driving Rig and a land based Link Belt crane, numerous forklifts and other heavy equipment enabling full Marine Construction Service. Over the past few years Lane and Mehdi have branched out into the American market and have designed and built Marinas for the port in Juneau Alaska and Old Thomson Harbour in Sitka.
Many of the employees at Blue Water systems have been with the company for over 5 years, some more than ten. They are a hard working and loyal crew. Together they have helped to build a business that is not only stable but successful and growing.

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