What we do

Blue Water Systems is a marine contractor that specializes in marine design, fabrication and installation of residential and commercial marine projects focusing on steel and aluminum fabrication of piers, ramps, and docks of many sizes. We are completely integrated in all aspects of marine design and construction with a consulting engineer available on a project by project basis. We can provide:

  • Marine site inspections and reviews of your project
  • Product and price options
  • Fixed price quotations
  • Permit and licence applications
  • Engineered drawings
  • Towing and installation services

Our in house Canadian Welding Bureau Certified fabrication shop works 5 days a week on aluminum and steel projects for marine facilities. The marine installation department of Blue Water Systems is equipped with a pile driving barge, cranes and tow boats for marine installations on the west coast of BC; we can even install inland at lakes and riversides. Demolition and clean up of your site is also possible.
We put to work our expert metal shop, machining and marina-building capability to ensure our structures can be produced to any size and configuration you require. We'd be happy to discuss the technical details of any of our structures.

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