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To all of you at Blue Water Systems, Ltd.,

My wife Joannie and I wish to extend our best wishes for a happy and successful New Year 2011.

Now that sounds so corny but we want to acknowledge every one of you who worked on our wharf, busting your butts to make sure everything Lane ordered came about. The result of this dedication by every one of you showed up during the 1st couple of weeks of heavy out-flow winds as the little 10 X 30 ft. float stood up to every wave even as they washed over its complete length from north to south. The fresh surface water turned to ice, making stepping onto it impossible! But that little float was angled exactly right so it took the waves without flinching one little bit.

The reason for this letter is we want to thank you for your dedication to see a job is done right the first time, not done over again!!

I want you to know I have been a maintenance prevention manager for many years, and I can only wish other companies would use techniques and dedicated employees like you in projects such as yours. We continue to enjoy our wharf at any hours of the day when weather beckons us down to the waterfront.

Straight from our hearts,
John and Joan Doerksen, Bedwell Bay

Bowen Island, BC, Canada
R.J. Dike
"The marina project was in excess of three and a half million dollars. Blue Water Systems Ltd's portion was well over ten percent. Mr. Rud's initial bid was very competitive, and was able to maintain his quality to our engineering and safety standards in spite of many engineering and development changes.
Blue Water Systems Ltd performed and executed their duties and contractual obligations in a timely and professional manner."

Copper Canyon Battle Mtn., Nevada USA
Jan Ehlert
Purchasing Agent
"Thank you for your services in purchasing and installing the 1,000,000 - gallon tank at our plant site. The installation went well with our maintenance people and your people. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Leroy Descoteau
Regional Manager
"On behalf of British Columbia Ferry Corporation I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your contribution in the Mid Coast Ferry Project.
I would also like to thank you for the support we received from your company and the individuals assigned to this project. We were under a very tight timeframe, and without your support and commitment, we could not have completed the project on time.
Thank you once again for a job well done and for the support we received from yourself and your staff."

Oregon City, Oregon
Tim Long
"Enclosed are photos showing the installed ramp [by Blue Water Systems] at the Ketchikan, Alaska boat shelter. Thank you for your quality workmanship and willingness to work with out needs. We are extremely pleased with the results."

Richmond, BC, Canada
Bob Levy
Vancouver International Airport, New Parallel Runway Opening Event
"The intensity of the event business, and its deadline situations, makes an event production of this nature, especially being outdoors in November, a challenge at the best of times.
It is not without a reliable supplier like yourself, that this spectacular opening event, would have been so organized, smooth flowing and logistically practical from a setup and removal point of view!
Your company and personnel were both a pleasure and courteous to deal with, and we look forward to working together again in the future? It was a great relief, in developing our new working relationship, to realize that we were truly working with professionals, and we appreciate your punctuality to deadlines!
We were fortunate to have you on our team, as you were integral in making our company and this event look great! Keep up the good work and you should be as proud of your contribution as we were, at Levy Show Services Ltd."

Hedley, BC, Canada
S. J. Hilton
Chairman, Board of Trustees
RE: water tank liner installation
"We are entirely pleased with this installation and with your company's smooth operation, resulting in no problems to the town."

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