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If you are looking for large capacity water storage tanks and reservoirs for all of your water storage requirements, our standardized designs are highly competitive. Our water storage tanks and reservoirs are easily scaled up or down to your needs and we have installation experience in Canada and the United States.
We specialize in water tank capacities between 20,000 and 2,000,000 U.S Gallons (75,700-7,570,000 liters). Our innovative radial-hoop tank designs can be erected quickly and efficiently - simplifying installation and saving you money. Our water storage tanks are appropriate for the safe storage of water, waste water, volatile petroleum products (eg jet A), and hazardous wastes - and every tank has a one-year extended warranty.
Talk to us about both permanent and temporary re-locatable scenarios for water storage.

Key features and benefits of our water storage tank solutions

  • minimal site preparation - no concrete foundations are required to erect our water storage tanks
  • rapid assembly and disassembly with small crew
  • disassembly and re-assembly training provided on-site
  • easily portable to new locations
  • smart designs - optimized modular prefabricated storage tank construction
  • compatible roof systems on our water tanks (open, fixed or floating) are available
  • full one-year warranty on all our water storage tanks

Size and Capacity

  • Our geometry and water tank design permits a high level of customization.
  • Storage tanks available in sizes from 20,000 to 2,000,000 U.S. Gallons (75,700-7,570,000 litres).
  • Metal walls range in height from 4 feet to 16 feet (1.2M -4.8M).

The Liner

  • Each water tank is lined with an impermeable fabric liner - matched for compatibility with the fluid(s) to be stored.
  • For volatile fluid storage (e.g. diesel, jet A), a compatible fabric cover is mated to the liner, and the resulting bladder is vented.

The Roof

  • All tanks may be provided with a flat or peaked fabric roof; or a flat, peaked, or curved metal roof. These may be load bearing or provide protective cover.

The Tank

  • Plumbing for our water storage tanks may be arranged either through a hard-point connection panel mounted to the wall, or through the base.
  • All metal components of the radial-hoop tank are shop fabricated prior to shipping to the installation site.
  • We use steel, galvanized steel, or aluminum components.
  • The liners and roofs are shop fabricated into the largest panels permitted by the design and fabric characteristics.


  • Minimal site preparation and available tools are required to construct your storage tank
  • A typical storage tank installation requires only:
    • minimal site preparation/tools/power supply
    • a light truck and small crane capable of lifting 750 pounds (340 kg) extended to 16 feet (4.8M).
    • No welding is required.
  • Blue Water Systems performs initial installations before training on-site personnel on assembly and disassembly.

Extended Warranty

  • To continue to protect you after we leave your site, we extend the fabric manufacturer's warranty on our water tank products.
  • For a normal installation, this means our customers receive a full one year warranty on all labor and material for tank elements.
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