Ramps, Piers and Walkways

piers and aluminum ramps

At Blue Water Systems we specialize in aluminum truss structures for marine projects that span between any combination of land, platform and floats (aluminum piers, walkways, gangways, as well as wharfs and wheelchair accessible ramps) - up to 120' available as standard engineered designs. We can design, build and provide engineering services for large or small commercial marine applications and residential waterfront properties such as:

  • Side exiting counterbalanced aluminum ramps for barge terminals.
  • Standard counterbalanced aluminum ramps and gangways
  • Marinas – wharfs and piers
  • Articulating staircase ramps for Cruise ships with wheelchair accessibility
  • Engineering the pier or dock portion of the facility in sections to accommodate for a cost effective and appropriate configuration.
  • Our design of 60' and 70' aluminum ramps and walkways are commonly used to minimize the number of supports/piles needed and use smoother slopes so they're easier to walk on. These longer ramps prove to be more cost-effective.
  • When wave heights are extreme, we offer counterbalanced aluminum ramps. Our counterbalanced ramp is controlled by a stainless steel hydraulic cylinder and has fully adjustable speeds. It can come with a remote control option for extreme locations.
  • As with our Floats, a variety of different Decking* is available

We put to work our Canadian Welding Bureau Certified metal shop, machining and marina-building capability to ensure our aluminum docks, piers, floats and other marine structures can be produced to any size and configuration you require. With over 25 years of experience in structural aluminum fabrication Blue Water Systems is the supplier you can trust to produce the right marine system for your needs.

We'd be happy to discuss the technical details of any of our structures in relation to your specific site. Talk to us for more information.

See our Gallery for more photos of previous projects.

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