floats for marinas

Blue Water Systems offers a variety of floats for marinas, piers and residential docks. Our float products include concrete floats, timber floats, steel floats or even aluminum floats. Our floats incorporate the latest advances in marina and float design using:

  • Rotary moulded polyethylene foam filled flotation pods provide extra stability and cost-effective construction and come in various sizes
  • Specialized float hinge design with elasto-numeric couplers
  • Finger-float construction option with matching decking
  • Finger floats of up to 80' have been produced without requiring any pile support

Our Float and decking options are:

  • Framed Concrete Construction
  • Wood Decking on Timber
  • Aluminum with through flow grating Deck
  • Concrete Panel Decking on Timber
  • Concrete Panel Decking on Steel

All galvanized and steel components are fabricated by Blue Water Systems for the specific application.

See our gallery for examples of decking.

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