Barge Construction Vancouver BC

As a barge building and barge construction company, we at Blue Water Systems have constructed plenty of barges for a variety of marine applications. Commercial barge construction is a specialty of ours, and we not only build barges for clients, but for ourselves as well, both for marine transportation and storage purposes.

Not only can barges fulfill transportation needs of large and bulky items, but if you have equipment that you can’t seem to store on your property, having a barge as storage is a great solution to your problem. Here are some typical uses for barges that might help fulfill your needs:

  • Transportation of commercial and industrial equipment – a barge is a low maintenance solution to transport a variety of products and equipment.
  • Storage – compared to land-based storage facilities, barge storage solutions can be an economical alternative.
  • Travel and/or tourism – those enjoying the slow pace to life are more than willing to take part on barge tours and travel – think river cruises.
  • Mobile business or housing applications – floating homes and businesses are growing in popularity where there are calm, waterfront expansion opportunities – especially in markets with typically higher real estate prices.

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